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Your Voice Matters

I had my first Reiki session with Shyann Perry Hibbs as the Reiki practitioner and it was phenomenal. Everyone needs to experience it at least once!


So I had my first Reiki session with Shyann Perry Hibbs a few days ago and I'll admit I was skeptical but I was also very open to the process and to try something new being most of you know bc im very vocal on social media about my anxiety and depression I have been struggling with for a few years now. I'm still not the best one to explain being im still educating myself but what I will say is I came out feeling very relieved (like a weight had been lifted) which also I broke down crying on her at the end (but it was very much needed being I have been holding so much in) .
I definitely plan on more sessions (even if my inner voice makes me think im silly) I believe this process can and will be very healing for me and for others. I ask you all to open your minds and try something new that may or may not be out of your comfort level. She is such a sweet human and is very knowledgeable about Reiki and self healing. We're very lucky to have such a knowledgeable young woman here in Mt.Sterling and I'm grateful she next door to Authentically You Esthetics. I love that were creating such a safe place here in my hometown for people to feel comfortable in their own skin and we get to help them work on themselves from the inside out from Massage, Facials, to Reiki, (also the boutique) I really hope you come down to meet these incredible women I get the chance to work with


Reiki… I had heard so many wonderful testimonies about it and plenty of scary thoughts about it depending on who you talk to. I decided to try to come back to a blank slate of openness to my experience. I didn’t want it to be great because I heard it was great or bad because I let my imagination run away with me. So… I went into my reiki session and just breathed. I tried to let any thoughts go good or bad and just observed how I felt. I truly didn’t have any expectations. If I felt nothing, I felt nothing. No judgement or questioning or trying to feel something that wasn’t there. This is where I began…

During my session with Shyann she explained everything before she began and started with some relaxing breaths and scents (Ahhh-mazing lavender) and blankets if needed. This set such a great tone for some me time. When she started at my crown the sensation was somewhat indescribable. My head was straight but it felt as if it was slime (like literally jello on slime-Sorry for the less than eloquent description) from the left to the center. After that the energy I felt  was intense. Not like, “I think I might feel something maybe?” No, like good intense… There were other parts I felt nothing and some parts kind of a little pressure (she never touched me). But, in the areas of high intensity it would pull a smile onto my face. I felt like she could just stay there all day. This was not all, so if you are reading this looking for insight into how reiki feels or looks I encourage you to try it and measure that by your own experience. 

After my session I felt very relaxed, contemplative, open, and full of love. What I liked most about how I felt is that I felt more observational than reactive. Although sometimes difficult, this is something I really strive for, because I am aware that we learn far more from our observations than our reactions. Reiki helped.

My take away from my Reiki experience with Shyann is that it is just another avenue to help fill up your cup so that you have plenty to share with all the cups around you! 



Having always loved natural remedies and practices to heal and fuel the body, I was intrigued by the Reiki sessions that I had read about on Shyann’s website and Facebook page. Without much thought, I booked my first session and then started reading and researching some about it. I didn’t want to come in with too many preconceived notions, so I only dove into the basics and left the deeper understanding to be learned through experience. Meeting new people has never been one of my favorite things, but within a second of walking into Shyann’s office, I felt like I had a new friend and not just a new Reiki practitioner that I would visit. She was so warm and welcoming. We talked about the Reiki practice, what I could expect, why she got into it herself, and so on. All throughout the conversation, Shyann was “real”, vulnerable, honest, genuine, and full of knowledge. She shared so many analogies that I knew that I was about to partake in something that would be a positive experience. So many pieces and parts of my understanding of natural healing made sense now. Never once did I question my choice, feel fearful, or feel that I was being “talked to” by someone so knowledgeable. It was a conversation that I really enjoyed and actually wish that I had a recording of to be able to refer back to from time-to-time. I learned so much from her that day. I should have taken notes as we talked.

As my Reiki session began, I was slow to feel anything, but as I started to relax, my body began to feel as if it was sinking into the table and my head started to turn to the side, with my chin dropping to my shoulder. The closest feeling that I can relate it to is that of the “Gravitron” ride at the carnival. As the session progressed, I could feel my hands, fingers, and arms moving as the energy was flowing.
By the end, I felt as if I had spent a day being pampered. I was so relaxed and full of confidence. I felt re-energized at a time that I was drained physically, mentally, and emotionally.
When we finished, Shyann and I discussed what she was able to “read” from my energy. She hit the nail on the head. The chakras speaking the loudest that day were full of emotions and she was able to pick up on several things that I hadn’t even realized were weighing so deeply on me. As I left, I felt so much more balanced and at peace with myself and several emotional issues. I felt stronger in my own skin.
It was an experience that I cannot wait to schedule again.

Krista Truelove

I’ll start by saying thank you. When I first heard about Reiki, I was a little skeptical about the practice and how it could assist me. I believed it could help others but I’m not often too open with my personal growth. I rarely sit down, relax, and take any time for reflection. The first time Shyann performed Reiki on me, I was astonished by the deep relaxation that I experienced. I was able to feel areas of my body that I had been ignoring for some time, but it wasn’t necessarily pain or discomfort I was feeling but just awareness of how my limbs, fingers, toes, and various areas felt. When it was over, I felt relaxed and somewhat comforted. It helped me overcome a personal obstacle of slowing down and listening to my body. Reiki is certainly a practice that will give your body and mind a balanced method of dealing with stress, and you feel so great at the end! I look forward to my next session! 

Jameson Hibbs

I had never heard of Reiki until a friend shared Shyann's information with me.  I then spoke with another friend and asked if he had heard of it.  His husband was standing by the phone and told me that he practices Reiki as it keeps him "aligned."  I thought that was an interesting description, but found that to be a great way to describe Reiki.  After a Reiki session with Shyann, I find myself at peace with myself and what is going on in the world around me.  COMFORTABLY ALIGNED is my description of how Reiki affects me.  Reiki has truly helped  de-stress my world.  Thank you Shyann!!



I began my Reiki journey to help aid in the healing of my severe anxiety/panic & depression. It wasn't a cure, but through subtle shifts of awareness I have been able to pull back the suppressing bandaids and heal wholly. Reiki balances my wellbeing and allows me to take responsibility, the ability to respond, rather than react to life's ebb & flow. I am a far more embodied being, mind/body/emotion/spirit from the time I had my first Reiki session. 

Shyann Hibbs